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Import Data

To import data into the spreadsheet start by open Khan Academy and navigate to the desired course. Click on Settings on the left hand side in the Admin section.

Under Download Student Data click “Download CSV.”

If you have multiple Khan Academy classes for a single spreadsheet, you will need to repeat this process for each Khan Academy class. Not including the Khan Academy report for a class will result in there being no scores for the given course since old Khan Academy report data is erased with each import.

If the Report Upload setting is set to “Folder Upload” you will need to upload all of your Khan Academy report files into the “KHAN DATA” folder located in the same directory the spreadsheet is in on Google Drive. If you have multiple Khan2Canvas spreadsheets for multiple courses, you can upload reports for all of them at the same time. Khan2Canvas will determine which report is needed for a spreadsheet.

Select Khan2Canvas->Import Data. If Report Upload is set to “File Picker” (the default value), a file picker will appear in which you can select for upload from your computer the Khan Academy report(s). Clicking “Cancel” will skip importing Khan Academy data (data already in the Khan2Canvas spreadsheet will not be changed). Clicking the “X” in the top right will cancel the entire Import Data process.

If Report Upload is set to “Folder Upload” Khan2Canvas will start importing data from the reports. For either option, if no reports are found for the Khan Academy class(es) that have been defined, a warning message will appear.

After importing Khan Academy report data, Khan2Canvas will proceed with updating the Canvas roster and downloading any new Canvas assignments.

Note that an assignment on Canvas must have a due date, be set as a No Submission assignment, and must be published for Khan2Canvas to download it.

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