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Khan2Canvas works with a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet cannot be downloaded and opened in any other program. Khan2Canvas can only be used online, in Google Sheets.

Yes, Khan2Canvas can read and send data to a cross listed course on Canvas. However, assignments from Canvas used in Khan2Canvas must be assigned to all sections of the cross listed course. Furthermore, if you want to keep your Khan Academy classes separate, you can specify up to eight Khan Academy classes for Khan2Canvas to read in reports for. Note that when importing data, you must include reports for all Khan Academy classes you have specified otherwise scores will be missing for classes for which no report was uploaded.

During the setup process, Khan2Canvas will erase all of the data in whatever spreadsheet it is being used in and replace it with the sheets that are necessary for it to function. When setting up Khan2Canvas, you should do so in a blank spreadsheet.

Yes. While one Khan2Canvas spreadsheet can serve up to eight Canvas courses, in some instances it may be beneficial to split them up into several spreadsheets. If you have multiple spreadsheets stored in the same Google Drive folder you should not import data at the same time for multiple spreadsheets. They will make use of the same temporary storage folder and it may cause report conflicts.

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