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Send Scores Execution Break

If you have a large number of students, courses, assignments, or any combination, you may encounter execution breaks when sending scores.

Google add-ons have a maximum execution time of 6 minutes. When Khan2Canvas is sending scores, if the execution exceeds 5.5 minutes, it will automatically save its position, terminate execution, set a trigger to resume in 1 hour, and display a dialog box. Three options are presented:

  • Resume Now: Khan2Canvas will immediately resume sending scores. If it needs to break execution again, the dialog box will appear again.
  • Wait: The dialog box will close and Khan2Canvas will resume sending in 1 hour (1 hour is the shortest trigger time allowed for Google add-ons). If it needs to break execution again, the dialog box will not appear. However, if you open your spreadsheet and see that the upper right most cell for any of your courses says Resume By and a time, you can resume sending by re-selecting your option from the Khan2Canvas menu.
  • Cancel Operation: Khan2Canvas will cancel the send operation. The resume point will be erased. If you select an option to send scores again from the Khan2Canvas menu, it will start sending scores from the beginning.

Note that Khan2Canvas can send all scores without any additional interaction. However, it may take several hours depending on how many execution breaks are needed. Some teachers opt to commence sending scores over night so that all scores have been sent by the next day.

If you wish to avoid execution breaks you can create multiple Khan2Canvas spreadsheets and break your Canvas courses into separate spreadsheets (you can run operations in multiple spreadsheets at the same time). Additionally, you can choose so send only selected assignments.

Note that when sending an assignment’s scores to Canvas will take longer the first time. After that Khan2Canvas compares scores with Canvas and only updates grades that need to be updated.

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