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Missing Scores

This setting is required

The Missing Scores setting determines, by default, how Khan2Canvas will handle situations where the student has not completed an attempt of the assignment in Khan Academy. It can be overridden per assignment using the Assignment Settings. The three available options are explained below:

  • Missing:
    • The assignment will be marked as missing in Canvas. Note that it will only be marked as missing if the due date defined in Canvas for the assignment has already passed. Otherwise, the score will be left blank in Canvas. The gradebook settings on Canvas can be set to award a percentage of the assignment points for missing assignments.
  • Zero:
    • A score of zero will be sent to Canvas. Note that a zero score is overridden by the Minimum Score percentage of the Canvas assignment points.
  • No Score:
    • No score will be sent to Canvas for the assignment it will be left blank on Canvas.

By default, this setting is set to “Missing.”

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