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Canvas Course

The Canvas Course settings are the name of the desired Canvas course and the term dates for it. Only the Canvas course name is required.

After filling in and saving values for the Canvas Account Settings, Khan2Canvas will automatically attempt to communicate with Canvas and download a list of the courses associated with your account. If there are errors communicating with Canvas, a warning message will appear.

If “No Courses Found” appears in the dropdown, ensure that your courses on Canvas are published. Additionally, depending on your connection, it may take longer to download courses. Closing and re-opening the “Canvas Course” setup menu by clicking on it may populate the drop-down with course names. Otherwise, select the desired Canvas course from the dropdown.

The Canvas Course Term Dates is the date range for which Canvas assignments will be loaded into the spreadsheet by Khan2Canvas. If a Canvas assignment’s due date lies within the date range specified here, it will be loaded, if it does not, it will be ignored. This is useful for ignoring Canvas assignments from previous grading terms. Both a start and end date must be specified for Khan2Canvas to filter by term dates. This setting is optional.

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