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  • Khan2Canvas is now a published add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Added support for Unit Test processing (can now be selected in the Settings)
  • Fixed issue with Canvas assignment date filtering where if start and end date were in different years, assignments would be missing
  • Added file picker for importing Khan Academy reports
  • Khan2Canvas now builds the spreadsheet instead of requiring users to save it to their account
  • Added ability to fix formatting in spreadsheet
  • Added ability to rebuild individual sheets
  • Simplified reset menu to cater to specific situations
  • Re-organized Khan2Canvas menu
  • Added ability for Khan2Canvas to create and insert needed formulas
  • Added ability for Khan2Canvas to update formulas with new Data Row End value
  • All dialogs converted to HTML modal dialogs to allow for linking to documentation
  • General formatting improvements on sheets
  • General re-organization of code for future updates
  • Added support for paid licensing in the future

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