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Send Scores

When ready to send assignments, go to Extensions > ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook > Send Scores. You have several options for sending scores. Each are described below.

  • All Assignments: ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook will send scores for all active* assignments in all courses.
  • Selected Assignments: ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook will only send scores for assignments that are active* and have the Send checkbox checked. Selected assignments across all courses are sent. This can be useful when you only want to update scores for one or several assignments rather than having to send scores for numerous assignments. You can clear selections using the Clear Selections menu option.
  • Course: ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook will send scores for all active* assignments in the course that is selected.

As ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook sends scores, the cell above an active assignment will first change to ⌛Sending Scores… and then to ✔️Scores Sent when an assignment is complete. When a course’s assignments have all been sent, the top rightmost cell will change to ⌛Scores Sent.

When all scores have been sent the top rightmost cell on all sheets will change to ✔️All Scores Sent.

If you have a large number of assignments and/or a large number of students, ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook may have to break execution and you can either manually restart sending of scores, wait for it to automatically resume, or cancel the entire operation. Read more about breaks in execution and why they happen here.

*An active assignment is one with both an ALEKS and Canvas assignment selected.

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