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After selecting Extensions > ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook > Setup > Launch Setup, click on the fourth section, Courses.

You are required to fill in values for Course 1. All other courses are optional and dependent on how many separate Canvas courses you need to connect.

Wait for the drop down under Canvas Course in Course 1 to change from Loading… to Select a Course. If it does not change after a minute and no error messages have appeared, click on the Courses section again to close it and then open it again.

For Canvas Course, select the name of the Canvas course you wish to link. If your course does not appear in the list, check to make sure it is published on Canvas.

To get the ALEKS Class, in a new tab, open ALEKS and navigate to the dashboard for the class which you will be connecting with the previously selected Canvas course.

Highlight the name of the class in the Class Information section of the dashboard. Make sure you include the entire class name. An example is shown below.

Copy the highlighted class name by either pressing the key combination Ctrl+C (Command+C on Mac) or right click and select Copy.

Return to your spreadsheet and in the setup sidebar, paste the value in the ALEKS Class field in the respective course by either pressing the key combination Ctrl+V (Command+V on Mac) or right click and select Paste.

If you wish to add additional Canvas Course/ALEKS Class combinations, you can do so in the Course 2 through Course 8 sections. You do not need to fill in course sections in order. For example, you can fill in values for Course 1, skip filling in values for Course 2, and then fill in values for Course 3.

If you want to add multiple ALEKS classes to a single Canvas course (i.e. cross-listing) you can add additional ALEKS classes to a Canvas course after completing the entire setup using the instructions here.

When you have finished filling in values for all needed course sections, click Save at the bottom.

ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook will now start building sheets for each Canvas Course. It will also download the roster for each course (it will also set a trigger to update course rosters everyday at 5 am). Depending on how many courses you have filled in, this can take upwards of 6 minutes to complete and the spreadsheet may seem unresponsive. Do not attempt to interact with the spreadsheet during the process. When it has finished building all sheets, the status bar at the bottom of the setup sidebar will show Build Complete.

If your spreadsheet should freeze and you receive a message from your browser saying that the page is unresponsive, refresh the page. Even if you refresh the page, the build process will continue to work in the background. Note that after refreshing, it still may take several minutes for the spreadsheet to load and/or become responsive again. When it does, wait until all course sheets appear at the bottom and your spreadsheet is responsive again before relaunching the setup sidebar and continuing to the next section.

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