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This setting is required

You are required to fill in a Canvas course and at least one ALEKS class for Course 1. All other courses and classes are optional and dependent on how many separate courses and classes you need to connect

If the dropdown menus for Canvas course selection are not populated run Extensions > ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook > Setup > Download Courses.

You can specify up to eight Canvas courses. For each Canvas course you can have a maximum of eight ALEKS classes connected to it (this is generally used for when either cross-listing courses on Canvas or when there are multiple sections to a single Canvas course).

To get the name of an ALEKS class, in a new tab, open ALEKS and navigate to the dashboard for the class which you will be connecting with the previously selected Canvas course.

Highlight the name of the class in the dashboard. Make sure you include the entire class name not including the space, dash, or “Dashboard” after it. An example is shown below.

Copy the highlighted class name by either pressing the key combination Ctrl+C (Command+C on Mac) or right click and select Copy.

When pasting directly into the Settings sheet you should always use the Paste Values Only option to preserve the formatting of the cells. To do so, click on the cell you want to insert data, right click, select Paste Special > Values Only. Alternatively you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+V.

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