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Assignment Identifier

This setting is optional

The Assignment Identifier is a filter value that can be used to limit the number of Canvas assignments being loaded by ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook. If a value is specified here, only Canvas or ALEKS assignments containing that value in their title will be loaded.

For example: “ALEKS” is entered as the Canvas Assignment Identifier. An assignment on Canvas titled “ALEKS Adding and Subtracting Fractions” will be loaded by ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook since the title contains “ALEKS.” However, an assignment on Canvas titled “Adding and Subtracting Fractions” will not be loaded by ALEKS2Canvas Gradebook since the title does not contain “ALEKS.” A similar process takes place if an assignment identifier is entered in the ALEKS section.

The Assignment Identifier is case sensitive and only one can be specified. However, phrases are allowed (ex: “ALEKS Quiz”).

If you are pasting a value directly into the Settings sheet you should always use the Paste Values Only option to preserve the formatting of the cells. To do so, click on the cell you want to insert data, right click, select Paste Special > Values Only. Alternatively you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+V (Command+Shift+V on Mac).

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