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Select/Create Assignments

IMPORTANT: Assignments that you create in Google Classroom are not accessible by Khan2GC. Any assignments for which you wish to sync scores from Khan Academy to Google Classroom must be created in the spreadsheet by Khan2GC. The documentation below will describe how to complete this.

After importing data, you can begin selecting assignments for each course.

In your Khan2GC spreadsheet click on the sheet for one of your courses.

Each column correlates to one assignment. The Green dropdown is for Khan Academy assignments and the Red field is for Google Classroom assignments.

After selecting a Khan Academy assignment, student scores will appear.

If you leave the Google Classroom assignment title or points fields blank, when you sync assignments, their points and title will be set based on what the default value is in the content editor. Filling in a value for either of these will override the default. After syncing assignments, the names and points of synced assignments will appear.

Furthermore, by default, an assignment’s will be assigned to No Topic in Google Classroom. You can select a topic from the drop down to change this.

It is also important to note that start and due dates will be set for Google Classroom assignments using the start and due date for the selected Khan Academy assignment. You can turn off setting of start and due dates in the content editor.

You can also specify settings for individual assignments for individual students’ scores for a given assignment.

Assignment Settings

Individual assignment settings are by default blank and will use the default Grading settings you chose during setup (you can adjust these in the Settings sheet).

Changing the individual assignment settings will only change the defaults for that particular assignment. You can always remove a setting by selecting the field and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard.

  • Send: This is used to select the assignment for its scores to be sent if you don’t want every assignment to be sent to Google Classroom. This is not required to check when sending scores.
  • Zero Scores: Choosing a zero scores option for an assignment will override the defaults.
    • Yes: Zero scores are allowed. If a student receives a zero on the assignment in Khan Academy, the will receive a score of zero in the spreadsheet and subsequently in Google Classroom as well.
    • No: Zero scores are not allowed. If a student receives a zero on the assignment in Khan Academy, it will be treated as though the assignment is missing for the student and will be handled according to how the Missing setting is configured.
  • Missing Scores: Choosing a missing scores option for an assignment will override the defaults.
    • Missing: The assignment will be marked as missing in the spreadsheet for the student. When sending scores to Google Classroom, the assignment will be marked using the minimum score in Google Classroom if the due date has already passed. Otherwise the student’s score will left blank in Google Classroom.
    • Zero: The student will be given a zero for the assignment.
    • No Score: The student will be given no score in Google Classroom. Their grade for the assignment will be blank.
  • Scoring: Choosing a scoring option for an assignment will override the defaults.
    • Best Score: The best score the student achieved on Khan Academy, regardless of due date, will be used.
    • Due Date: The best score the student achieved by the due date on Khan Academy will be used.
    • Completion: The student will receive full points if they have completed an attempt on the assignment on Khan Academy (regardless of due date).
  • EC Points: A numeric value that will override the Google Classroom assignments points in the spreadsheet. This is useful for when an assignment is extra credit and therefore worth 0 points in Google Classroom. The amount of points specified here will determine how many points the spreadsheet will assign to students for the assignment.

Student Score Options

Next to each students score for an individual assignment is a dropdown that can be used to override their calculated score. You can always remove an option by selecting the field and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard.

  • Ignore: Their score will be ignored when sending scores to Google Classroom. Any score that may already be present in Google Classroom will not be affected.
  • Zero: The student is given a zero (or whatever the minimum score was set to).
  • Excused: The student’s score will be marked as excused in Google Classroom.
  • Missing: The student’s score will be marked using the minimum score in Canvas (note that assignments are only marked as missing if the current date is past the assignment due date).
  • No Score: The student is given no score. In Canvas their score will appear blank.

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