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Import Data

To import data start by opening Khan Academy in a new tab. Navigate to to the teacher dashboard for the first class.

Find the Settings page under the Admin section on the left hand side.

Under Download student data click the Download CSV link. A CSV report of your class data will be downloaded

Repeat this for all of the Khan Academy classes you are using with Khan2Canvas.

Once you have downloaded the reports for all of your Khan Academy classes, open your Khan2Canvas spreadsheet. Select Extensions > Khan2GC > Import Data.

A file picker dialog box will appear. Find all the reports you previously downloaded from Khan Academy and drop all of them into the file picker dialog box. If you omit reports for any classes, their data will remain unaffected unless they are a part of a cross-listed course.

Click Upload. Khan2GC will perform two operations for each course: 1. It will process the reports you uploaded and extract assignment, due date, and points data and 2. It will download a list of assignments and their data from Google Classroom. As it finishes importing and processing data for each course, the upper rightmost cell in the sheet will change to ⌛Import Complete. When it has finished importing data for all courses, the cell will change to ✔️Import Complete.

Toast messages will also appear in the bottom right hand corner of your browser as Google Classroom and Khan Academy imports are completed for each course.

*Khan2GC does not update the roster when importing data. Instead, the roster for every course is automatically updated at 5am every day. If you need to update it before then you can run Khan2GC > Setup > Import Roster.

If there were any issues with the import, a dialog box will appear with the results.

If you have a large number of Khan Academy classes, assignments, and/or students, Khan2GC may have to break execution and you can either manually restart importing data or cancel the entire operation. Read more about breaks in execution and why they happen here.

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