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Import Data Execution Break

If you have a large number of students, courses, classes, assignments, or any combination, you may encounter execution breaks when importing data.

Google add-ons have a maximum execution time of 6 minutes. When Khan2GC is importing data, if the execution exceeds 5.5 minutes, it will automatically save its position, terminate execution, and display a dialog box. Two options are presented:

  • Resume Now: Khan2GC will automatically resume importing data. If it needs to break execution again, the dialog box will appear again.
  • Cancel Operation: Khan2GC will cancel the import operation. The resume point will be erased and any unprocessed reports will be deleted. You can restart the import operation from the beginning (you will need to re-upload your reports) by selecting Khan2GC > Import Data.

If you wish to avoid execution breaks you can create multiple Khan2GC spreadsheets and break your Google Classroom courses into separate spreadsheets. If your spreadsheets are stored in the same folder on Google Drive you should not run multiple import data operations at the same time as all spreadsheets will look to same temporary storage folder for their Khan Academy reports.

Note that importing data for the first course will always take longer as it normally needs to convert multiple spreadsheets to search for the correct one. Other courses benefit from many of the spreadsheets already being converted when their data is imported.

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