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Khan2Canvas – old

Khan2Canvas v1.3

Khan2Canvas is a Google Sheets spreadsheet that takes scores from Khan Academy and sends them to corresponding assignments in Canvas. It makes use of the Canvas API and is written in javascript as a Google Apps Script.

A demo of the spreadsheet in use can be found here.

Below are some of the features of this spreadsheet:

  • Automatically find Khan Academy Scores and scale them to corresponding Canvas Assignments.
  • Retroactively update past scores in Canvas with data from Khan Academy.
  • Mark assignments in Canvas as missing based on the due date.
  • Mark assignments in Canvas as excused.
  • Option for how missing assignments should be handled: missing, no score, zero.
  • Option for whether scores of 0 should be sent as is or treated as a missing assignment.
  • Set default options for all assignments and individually.
  • Filter assignments used in spreadsheet from Khan Academy and Canvas by term dates.
  • Filter assignments from Canvas based on common or exclusion terms.
  • Automatically send all active assignments or selected ones.
  • Filter assignments from Khan Academy based on assignment type.

Due to the nature of Khan Academy and the data it provides, setup will take approximately 30-60 minutes in order for it to work properly.

There are some limitations and considerations before attempting to use this spreadsheet:

  • It has a capacity for 200 students and 50 assignments
  • Requires you to perform a one-time step of renaming all of your students in Khan Academy. This is due to the fact that Khan Academy provides no data integration tools. This takes approximately 15-30 minutes.
  • You cannot create Canvas assignments through this spreadsheet. The assignments must be created and published in Canvas already.
  • If you have assigned Khan Academy assignments more than once, it will only recognize the most recent instance.
  • When scores are sent to Canvas, it is automated but can take some time. For a class of 33 students, it takes approximately 13 minutes to send scores for 50 assignments.
  • You MUST have an account for the destination Canvas installation with the appropriate rights to score assignments.
  • Your assignments in Canvas MUST have a due date specified in them or they will not show up in this spreadsheet. This is due to how it handles missing assignments when sending them to Canvas. As of right now, even if you don’t mark assignments as missing, you are still required to have a due date in Canvas.
  • Your assignments in Canvas should be set as “No Submission” assignments otherwise Canvas will mark them as missing regardless of whether a score was uploaded.

The documentation contained on this site will help you set up the spreadsheet for use and diagnose common errors.

If you are setting up the spreadsheet for the first time, you should proceed through the articles in order as certain functions will not run properly until the spreadsheet is properly set up.

This spreadsheet is free to use. I only ask that it remain unmodified. If you have feature requests, comments, or suggestions for improvement please feel free to reach out. I also ask that you consider donating. This spreadsheet took nearly 2 months to develop and test.

If you use a system other than Canvas (Blackboard, Schoology, etc) this spreadsheet will not work. However, please consider reaching out as I am open to working with teachers to develop a similar spreadsheet for these platforms.

If you want to be updated when future versions are published, join the mailing list. You will only receive messages about new version releases and applications.


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